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  • Weekly Tidbit for August 19, 2018: Function Focused Care--A Philosophy, Not a Fad

    We’ve all seen ads for the latest “fad diets” and have either tried one or know someone who has. We also know that these diets rarely work long-term because they do not involve a change in lifestyle habits, but instead are a short term fix for a long term problem. How does this relate to function focused care? Rather than viewing it as a program with a beginning and an end (like a diet would end once goals are reached), function focused care is a philosophy of care that involves changes in how we think about activity with our residents as well as the habits of caregivers, administrators and residents.

    Just as people who lose weight are most successful when they adopt permanent lifestyle changes, function focused care can start today with small changes that eventually become habits, and those habits become a standard way of living.

    We encourage you to reflect upon the changes your facility has made over the past months to integrate the philosophy of function focused care with your staff, residents and their family members. Think about how you will continue the great work you’ve started once the official study is over. What changes have become habits already? What could use more attention? As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions, and remind you that there are many resources available on our website (www.functionfocusedcare.org) to help you.