Tidbit of the Week

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  • Weekly Tidbit for April 21, 2019: Dance Challenge!

    Recently, a staff member at one of the assisted living communities participating in our Function Focused Care study turned on some upbeat music as the residents were sitting down to lunch. The staff danced and got the residents to dance too…if they couldn’t stand on their own, they clapped their hands over their heads and marched their feet. “Why don’t we do this every day?” asked a smiling resident.

    Well…why don’t we?

    We invite all of you to a “DANCE CHALLENGE”!! Every day this week, before lunch or dinner, turn on some fun music and dance for a few minutes while everyone waits for their meals. See what happens! We suspect that residents and staff alike will have a great time. Send us pictures if you can! Who knows?…it may just become a healthy habit that gets residents moving a little bit more than they did before.

    Have a great week!