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  • Weekly Tidbit for May 26, 2019: Picnic Days are Here

    We hope you have a chance to enjoy the outdoors with your residents this holiday weekend. Picnics are a popular way to kick off the unofficial start of summer. Why not have a picnic at your community, or even venture to a local park if you are able?

    Inviting residents to take part in the planning and preparation for an event can be far more fulfilling for them than just attending one. Keep this in mind as you plan your summer events and parties. Many of your residents, especially the ladies, have likely planned numerous parties throughout their lives. Plus, they may be more likely to attend the event if they’ve had a hand in planning it. So plan the picnic menu together, pick a theme, and have residents help set the tables and make decorations.

    And don’t forget the picnic games! Bring along some fly swatters and balloons and play “Fly Swatter Volleyball”. Blow bubbles and have residents reach to pop them. For Memorial Day, put on some patriotic music and have a sing along.

    Have a happy and healthy Memorial Day Weekend!