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  • Weekly Tidbit for June 2, 2019: Exercise Ambassadors

    Most of you probably wish that more residents would attend your community’s exercise classes. Perhaps you feel like you and your staff are constantly asking residents to join in, only to have them reply with some variation of “No, not today.”

    You also likely have a resident or two who are consistent and enthusiastic attendees. Consider giving these regular exercisers the title of  “exercise ambassadors”! Residents may respond better if they are being asked by their peers to come to an exercise class or other activity that can get them moving a bit. The ambassadors can share first-hand how exercising benefits them in a variety of ways, such as decreasing arthritic pain, improving mood, helping to stay strong and mobile, and as a way to socialize. They can encourage new residents to attend, as well as their Bingo buddies who don’t normally come to exercise. You might also have them lead some of the exercises too!

    One exercise enthusiast told us that the thinks many of her fellow residents have unrealistic expectations about exercise. She says they often think that they will feel better after one class, and if they don’t, they stop coming. But she says the key is sticking to it--and over time, they will notice improvement. She should know---she just turned 102 years old!

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

    Have a great week!