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  • Weekly Tidbit for June 16, 2019: Be Silly...Do the Chicken Dance!

    Happy Father’s Day to all the father and grandfathers!

    We’ve all been at a wedding or other large celebration when we hear the familiar tune of “The Chicken Dance”. We know it’s silly, but we smile and join in anyway. It’s hard to be sad when one is doing the chicken dance.

    Well, our friends at Candlelight Cove in Easton, MD agree, and decided to teach residents (or remind them, in most cases) how to do the clucky dance. Now they do it after every exercise class! Dianne, the activities director, plans to teach residents other dances too to help keep residents moving and laughing. Nice job Dianne and the rest of the team at Candlelight Cove!

    Here’s a video that includes the music and a person doing the dance in case you need a reminder on how it’s done. If you have a group, they can hold hands and walk around in a circle too:


    And if you’ve ever wondered how the song and dance came to be, here’s a fun article on the history of the Chicken Dance:


    Have a fun and silly week!