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  • Weekly Tidbit for June 23, 2019: A Twist on the FFC Contest

    On a recent visit to Sagepoint Gardens in La Plata, MD, we learned that staff put a little twist on our traditional Function Focused Care contest. Instead of having staff put the names of other staff members in the care jar when they see them performing Function Focused Care, the residents are asked to put the names in the jar when a staff person is encouraging them to participate in physical activity, such as helping them go outside for a walk or engaging them in an indoor activity, or helping them do things for themselves during morning or evening care. Every month, a winner is drawn from the jar of nominated names and the winner gets his/her picture taken with the resident who nominated him/her, along with a small prize. The picture is put on the large “Employee of the Month” poster in the common room.

    We think this is a great way to get residents involved in the contests, as well as to provide positive feedback to staff from the biggest beneficiaries of Function Focused Care—the residents themselves. Great job, Sagepoint Gardens