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  • Weekly Tidbit for July 21, 2019: Don't Let the Dog Days of Summer Get You Down!

    Now that we are in the dog days of summer, the high temperatures and hot sun can keep residents and staff wanting to stay inside where the air conditioning blows. But with a few changes in routine, your residents can safely enjoy some time outside this summer. Here are some tips:

    • Take residents outside early in the morning before it gets too warm. If you sometimes have lunch outdoors but it’s too hot now, consider trying an early breakfast al fresco instead!
    • When you take residents outside on warmer days, stay out for less time than you usually do in the cooler months.
    • Have residents apply sunscreen before they go outside, and have umbrellas available to block the sun.
    • Bring spray bottles to offer a cool mist for residents.
    • Have residents decorate reusable water bottles and bring them outside with you, filled with water and ice.
    • If you have a garden, invite residents to help with watering it and picking vegetables and fruits.
    • Host an ice-cream or fresh fruit social later in the afternoon or early evening on the patio, when the temperatures cool off a bit.

    Stay cool!