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  • Weekly Tidbit for August 4, 2019: Seated Stretching Exercises for Everyone to Try!

    According to an article by DailyCaring.com, “Stretching is a great way to ease joint pain and muscle aches, and also improves mobility, flexibility, coordination and circulation. On top of the physical benefits, it also reduces stress and boosts mood.”

    What’s not to like? And since these stretching exercise are done while seated, you may be able to get people to participate who might otherwise be reluctant to attend a traditional exercise class.

    Click here to access a 4-minute video from DailyCaring.com with simple seated stretching (say that three times fast!) exercises that you can try with your residents. The woman in the video leads the exercises slowly, so it is well-paced for older adults. She also has a British accent, and we all know that makes everything sound better!

    When the weather is nice, try doing these stretches outside in the courtyard or patio!

    Have a great week!