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  • Weekly Tidbit for August 18, 2019: Stepping Study Can Help Motivate Residents to Keep Walking!

    A study published this past spring in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine found that older women can benefit significantly from walking, and they don’t need to hit the often quoted “10,000 steps/day” mark to reap the rewards.

    The study authors concluded that, “Among older women, as few as approximately 4400 steps/day was significantly related to lower mortality rates compared with approximately 2700 steps/day. With more steps per day, mortality rates progressively decreased before leveling at approximately 7500 steps/day. Stepping intensity was not clearly related to lower mortality rates after accounting for total steps per day.”

    So the bottom line is: Start walking and keep walking!  Some may need to start with simple goals like walking to the dining room for meals. Don’t give up. The benefits of consistent walking have been shown repeatedly in study after study. We don’t make this stuff up! Start a walking club in your community if you don’t already have one, just in time for the upcoming autumn weather that’s perfect for outdoor strolls.

    Here is a link to the study abstract:


    Have a great week!