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  • Tidbit of the Week for September 1, 2019: Recognizing Residents Engaged in FFC

    September is here! Pumpkin-spiced…well, everything…is back in stores, football is back on television, and students are heading back to school.

    Speaking of school, you might remember a time when a teacher or coach congratulated you for a job well done, such as meeting a goal you’d set for yourself or going above and beyond what was expected. While outside praise shouldn’t be our only motivating factor for doing well, it’s still nice to be recognized when we do. Our achievements can also create positive peer pressure that can help others work harder towards their goals.

    This concept can help you motivate your residents to participate in Function Focused Care (FFC). For example, Bayberry at Emerald Court in Massachusetts now uses their daily activity calendar to feature residents who are participating in an FFC activity! (Click here to see).  This helps residents become role models for others, encourages the highlighted residents to keep up the good work, and helps educate your community about what Function Focused Care is. Think about what residents you could highlight this week in your community, and ask your team to come up with creative ways to spotlight residents—and staff!—who are participating in Function Focused Care.