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  • Weekly Tidbit for September 22, 2019: Out of the Mouths of...Centenarians

    Back in June, we did a tidbit on finding “Exercise Ambassadors” in your community to help persuade fellow residents to come to exercise class (click here to read it on the FFC website: http://www.functionfocusedcare.org/tip-of-the-week?page=2 You’ll need to scroll down to see the tidbit from June 2.)

    We mentioned a resident who, at 102 years old, exercises every day and wishes other residents would join her more often. She took her exercise ambassador role seriously, and spoke to her fellow residents at a recent council meeting. Click here to see a brief video of her explaining why she enjoys exercising so much. Please take a look! We hope this inspires you, your staff and residents not to give up on exercise. It’s never too late to start and is not only beneficial for physical health, but for emotional health and positive social interaction too.