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  • Weekly Tidbit for October 6, 2019: Tips on Oral Care

    Oral health plays a key role in the comfort and well-being of your residents, but it often gets lower priority when we are busy and time is short. Encouraging residents to care for their teeth and gums and knowing how to assist them when necessary will not only help your residents maintain good oral health, but also help ensure that they are eating well too (after all, who wants to eat with a sore mouth?).

    Click here to open a flyer we created with some simple tips for assisting residents with oral care. You can also watch a brief video we made that illustrates some of these tips at: http://www.functionfocusedcare.org/oral-care

    The link below will take you to a variety of tip sheets from the National Institutes of Health that have great advice and ideas for promoting oral health, including ways to make toothbrush handles bigger and easier to hold, how to help someone floss, and what you should know about dry mouth and ways to prevent or treat it. You can use them to train staff and remind them about the importance of oral health for residents: